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The artist Darfoulds releases his 14th single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ 7th February 2022

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Darfoulds new track ‘Ill be waiting’ was released on the 7th of February 2022, along with an explosive music video. This is Darfoulds 14th single to date and has had an amazing response since it was first released.


‘Ill be waiting’ is a high energy, upbeat track (think synthwave/rock The Weeknd on steroids) Darfoulds explains that the initial concept for the song lyrically was based on being unable to be with someone you love due to situations out of your control, be it religion, the pandemic rules or distance. The heavy driving backbeat of the track certainly has the edge of your seat, race against time feel, which has been perfectly portrayed in the music video for the track. The music video set in the distant future in a dystopian world, tells the story of a man who is trying to get back home using portals that open at certain times, he is notified of the location by a device but keeps missing them by seconds, when asked does he get home? Darfoulds reply is “well, you will have to watch the video to find out”.

Darfoulds aka Glenn, is a producer/singer from Chesterfield UK, After years of producing for other artists Glenn felt the time was right to get his own material out, this spawned the project Darfoulds. Glenn’s love for 80’s inspired synthwave/pop music certainly comes through in his tracks, but Glenn manages to give his music an up to date, modern touch. What makes Darfoulds stand out though, is his distinct, extremely dynamic, emotive vocals. Darfoulds is fully self produced and self managed, which gives him full power and control over all decisions that are made, 

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